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Record no. 69  
by  :   Katya
from  :   Russia, Saint-Peterburg
at  :   Mon 22nd July 2013 / 09:28:06 hrs (GMT)
Homepage  :
Hi! I (Katya) and my friend (Olya). We rested from July 2 to 12. You have a very nice.
You are the best. You have improved our rest.
However, we left the wrong bartender Stelios our email so that he could send us a
photo with him. The correct address is
Thank you.
Record no. 68  
by  :   jasmin(jasamina)
at  :   Sun 5th February 2012 / 12:05:17 hrs (GMT)
lieber christos!Jasu!
What is the name of the hotel in platanes belongs to 2 sisters. one the name is
chrissula. Can you help me? I can not find the name and adress.
thank you jasmin from Germany
Record no. 67  
by  :   Tanja
from  :   Austria
at  :   Sat 9th July 2011 / 20:24:10 hrs (GMT)
Kalimera :) .... and hello to stelios and christos.....
I stayed at sky park last saturday and can just say that was great..... Was nice evening and nice time what I spent there... and the people were so friendly....
I'm sorry that my holiday was so short time... but if I will come again to crete is sure that I visit you at sky park again..... :-)
My best wishes and best regards....
bye Tanja
Record no. 66  
by  :   M.Rathmann
from  :   Deutschland
at  :   Fri 1st July 2011 / 20:42:05 hrs (GMT)
Zum Skypark ist jede Aussage überflüssig!
Den Skypark sollte man erleben. Wer ihn erlebt, lernt ihn und seine Inhaber lieben.
Ich selber war 1998 das erste mal in Rethymnon/ Platanias. 99 habe ich den Sky kennen und lieben gelernt.
Seit her bin ich jedes Jahr im Sky! So auch dieses Jahr!- Ich laufe im August auf, und ich bin schwer am überlegen Christos wieder zu ärgern.
Für alle Süddeutschen, mit einem `Obstler` gelingt es!
Wer als abends eine alternative zum geruhsamen Urlaub sucht, ist dort gut aufgehoben!
P.S.: Christos- `Obstler`am 8.8.11?- Kiss: " Crazy Crazy Nights"
Bis die Tage.
Record no. 65  
by  :   Katrina MacKenzie
from  :   Port Talbot, Wales, UK
at  :   Sun 26th June 2011 / 21:27:33 hrs (GMT)
Homepage  :   The Charm Weaver
Well today is our first day of sun since we returned from Crete.
We miss seeing you every day and eating all your womderful food. Tell everyone hi for us, Deo, Yanna, Katerina, George, Stelios, and the guy from Romana who stands in front of the cooker. And anyone I may have missed.
If you ever come our way let us know so we can see you again.
Have a wonderful summer and know that we miss you.
Katrina & Phoenix
Record no. 64  
by  :   Hiltrud
from  :   Deutschland
at  :   Fri 17th June 2011 / 09:56:16 hrs (GMT)
Homepage  :   netter Versuch
Hallo. Sind diesen Sommer auch auf Kreta und werden den SkyPark besuchen und die Köstlichkeiten probieren. Daher schonmal vorab ein paar Grüße aus Deutschland!
Record no. 63  
by  :   Linda
from  :   Zuider Belgien
at  :   Tue 22nd March 2011 / 09:23:22 hrs (GMT)
Homepage  :   Vakantieverlangen
We stayed here and had a wonderful time !! The kids loved it too. Wonderful and helpful staff.
Excuse me - you stayed in the SkyPark ???
Record no. 62  
by  :   Thorsten
from  :   Bruckmühl (München)
at  :   Tue 31st August 2010 / 10:49:31 hrs (GMT)
Hi all together, I had a great week on crete from the 16th to the 23th of August with my friend Sebastian and a lot of good partys in the skypark. Thanks a lot for the owners and continues in this way. Hope we see us next year again....
Best Regards from Germany
Record no. 61  
by  :   sophia
from  :   deutschland
at  :   Mon 30th August 2010 / 13:58:01 hrs (GMT)
Hallo ihr lieben Gastgeber! es ist sehr schön bei euch und einfach nur super Abends dort Party zu machen! Liebe grüsse aus Deutschland Sophia
Record no. 60  
by  :   Emma King
from  :   Suffolk UK
at  :   Wed 2nd June 2010 / 11:09:32 hrs (GMT)
Homepage  :   we miss u
Hello everyone at skypark... we had a fab time dancing away on the bar i even got blown onto the floor LOL so funny :-) This bar is so fun and u can dance with free drinks all night. I hope that everyone visits if they are in the area. Sara, Beth and i are all on Facebook - just add us. We would be happy to stay in touch. Miss the staff at our hotel too May Beach.
Bye bye - big hugs from the UK xx
Record no. 59  
by  :   Claus, Martina, Antje
from  :   Leipzig/Deutschland
at  :   Sun 19th July 2009 / 11:02:11 hrs (GMT)
Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland an das ganze Team. Wir möchten uns auf diesem Wege nochmals recht herzlich bedanken für die schönen Stunden in eurem romatischen Garten. Wir hoffen bald wieder auf eurer Insel zu sein, und werden natürlich wieder bei euch vorbei schauen auf ein Bier und einen großen Rhaki. Bis bald! Die 2 Raucher und ein Nichtraucher vom 3er Tisch.
Record no. 58  
by  :   bitchtender
from  :   kos city
at  :   Mon 6th April 2009 / 21:23:22 hrs (GMT)
hey sky team whats up?from the moment that i left it looks empty ha ha i am kidding.big hello to all the staff from skypark sending from dimitri and christos.see u next year
Record no. 57  
by  :   tommy brinck
from  :   kungsbacka sweden
at  :   Wed 21st January 2009 / 22:06:53 hrs (GMT)
skypark RULE, I was there for 5 months and at least at skypark three times a week. worked for a company called Club Greece then on crete. best time of my life. Huge thanks to the skypark employees, without you it wouldnt be the same!!!
Record no. 56  
by  :   Iwona
from  :   Kielce / Poland
at  :   Tue 14th October 2008 / 14:54:23 hrs (GMT)
Regards for everybody:*:*:*:*
Record no. 55  
by  :   Sabine aus berlin
at  :   Sat 13th September 2008 / 22:08:37 hrs (GMT)
Homepage  :   Endlich ein neues bild von christos
Es ist schön nach so vielen jahren mal ein bild von christo zu sehen!!!ich bin hier in "d" und habe keine chance meinen traum;mann zu sehen!!!!also nicht nur nach zehn jahren mal erneuern !!!!!!!!!!!!!! es gibt menschen es verwissen!!!
Record no. 54  
by  :   Edgar (in den Bergen "der Partisan")
from  :   Börde, jermania
at  :   Thu 28th August 2008 / 18:50:42 hrs (GMT)
Die neue Website ist gelungen! War ja in mehreren Jahren bei Euch ...lange her!!! ... wird Zeit, dass ich mich mal wieder sehen lasse! Gruß an alle die sich noch an mich erinnern
Record no. 53  
by  :   mike
from  :   zoetermeer holland
at  :   Tue 15th August 2006 / 15:34:59 hrs (GMT)
Homepage  :
ey everithing oke there in holland no sun onley rain i want to come back next year see ya
greets from mike in holland
Record no. 52  
by  :   tracy and jean
from  :   england, Barnsley
at  :   Wed 2nd November 2005 / 11:23:33 hrs (GMT)
Hiya Christos we really enjoyed our time at your bar especcially as i got to meet your son Stelios, we are coming back in April and i can't wait!! See you soon xxxxxxxx
Record no. 51  
by  :   Wayne (Mikeys mate from Leeds, U.K.)
from  :   Leeds England
at  :   Mon 14th October 2002 / 22:34:12 hrs (GMT)
Just a very quick note to say hi' to all at skypark hope you all wiglin it... also a request to the annimation team to strut there stuff to the pizza hut the pizza hut, kentucky fried chicken' & a pizza hut enjoy all tttrrrraaaa!!! chadz...
Record no. 50  
by  :   Mikey!!
from  :   Leeds - UK
at  :   Mon 14th October 2002 / 22:04:42 hrs (GMT)
Homepage  :   Homepage
Hey Christos!! Why have you no pictures of your English Brother on your site?? Hope you are all well - will see you again soon - love to the missus - take care - Mikey xx
Record no. 49  
by  :   Zoe Contomichalos
from  :   Brighton, England
at  :   Fri 4th October 2002 / 10:15:53 hrs (GMT)
Hello to everyone at SkyPark, I was out there this summer with my boyfriend, and friends, and enjoyed an unforgettable time! Thanks to you lot, I will be back sunning my self next summer. The only thing stopping me from starving this summer was your super famous Gyros, thanx. Also a special thanks to Christos for allowing me to strut my stuff all night, dancing the hours away on the bar, Cheers malaka! and in all seriousness now a sincere apology for my boyfriend kicking your bike, believe me it wasn't personal, perhaps a little more to do with your Orgasms than anything else. Saraane good lick at uni girl, you can do it! hope you get your hands on some burburry soon!, love & kisses Miss ZOE
Record no. 48  
by  :   Don Juan
from  :   Belgium
at  :   Sun 15th September 2002 / 18:11:38 hrs (GMT)
Best place to meet Loads of SEXY girls!!!!!!!!!!!
Record no. 47  
by  :   Rita Grath
from  :   Drassmarkt, Österreich
at  :   Thu 29th August 2002 / 12:31:49 hrs (GMT)
Hallo liebes Sky Park-Team, in drei Wochen sehen wir uns wieder und ich freue mich schon sehr, wieder einige Tage in Rethymnon zu verbringen. Wir haben letzten Urlaub im Mai keinen Tag in der Sky-Park versäumt. Christos weiss eben was die Leute wollen, mit tatkräftiger Unterstützung der Mädels und musikalischer Begleitung von Stelios. Liebe Grüsse von meinen Freundinnen Bianca, Anna, Elisabeth und Ursula.Also bis bald RITA.
Record no. 46  
by  :   Christopher Andy Smith
from  :   Liverpool, England
at  :   Wed 21st August 2002 / 00:34:11 hrs (GMT)
Just want to drop my old friends a little note, Firstly too the main man himself. Chriso's i want you to know that everynight i come while working in Greece you were the farther i never had... thank you To the bar staff, Saranne and Svedler, thanks so much for the laugh it was because of you two girls why i left work early.. lastly to the dj for playing quality tunes all night.. Take Care all.. And God Bless... Ex Corali Beach Bar Dj Chris Smith See You Guys soon!!! xx
Record no. 45  
by  :   Irene Sofoulakis
from  :   Rethymno, Crete, Greece
at  :   Tue 20th August 2002 / 11:18:52 hrs (GMT)
Skypark is a wonderful place to relax and have a drink especially in the summertime! What I love about the bar is the music, especially the oldies and the rather loose atmosphere that it offers. Whether you're on your own or with friends, you sure will have a good time! It's always so easy to chat with people and make good friends in Skypark. I started visiting Skypark in 1991 when I was a college student and have no regrets ever since. Christos, the owner is a fun guy to be around and certainly makes you feel at home whenever you drop by the bar. Besides, he's got a super fabulous big motorcycle which I personally adore! And although life is pretty hectic at present for me, I sure will find time for a beer or Gordon's gin with lemon at least once or twice in the summer every else? SKYPARK! cheers everyone! Best wishes, Irene Sofoulakis Teacher of English Rethymno, Crete
Record no. 44  
by  :   Sabine
at  :   Thu 15th August 2002 / 20:39:28 hrs (GMT)
Seit 7 Jahren waren wir Gast und waren immer sehr zufrieden mit Service und Betreung aber wo ist Savvas?????Wir haben ihn die letzten zwei Jahre vermisst... Gruss aileen und sabine
Record no. 43  
by  :   G B
from  :   Glenmavis, Scotland
at  :   Sat 3rd August 2002 / 21:33:48 hrs (GMT)
Dined in the restuarant 8 times in 14 days. The best meals we had in our stay on the island. Keep up the good work Gee
Record no. 42  
by  :   James Hawkyard
from  :   Manchester England
at  :   Wed 31st July 2002 / 22:35:43 hrs (GMT)
Could you pass this mesage to christos for me please, I was working in Skaleta during June and July at the Corali Beach Bar myself being the barman and my friend from liverpool chris was the Dj We bothe became good friends with Sarann Sveh and Christos. Christos james here if you get chance email me and let me know how things are i returned home safely but miss your bar emensly we had alot of good nights throwing bottles aroung together and getting pissed i look forward to meeting up with you next year plus say hi to the girls for me thanks for a great 2 months james.
Well James - who of the future visitors to this guestbook shall pass your message to Christos? Wouldn't it be easier to drop him an email straight?
Record no. 41  
by  :   Kathy and Denzil Williams
from  :   Gloucester, England
at  :   Tue 2nd July 2002 / 14:42:27 hrs (GMT)
We have been visiting the Skypark bar for seven years and we have made many friends there from different countries. We always have a good time and Christos and Katerina are now considered good friends.The atmosphere is always pleasant and everyone always has a good time. We recommend also the restuarant were we had some very enjoyable meals but the portions are too big Christos ! We look forward to our next visit.
Record no. 40  
by  :   steve powell
from  :   sale, england
at  :   Fri 31st May 2002 / 19:36:02 hrs (GMT)
the only place to eat in platanias!
Record no. 39  
by  :   ?????????
at  :   Sat 11th May 2002 / 11:12:28 hrs (GMT)
???? ???, ???? ????????? ??? ????? ???????.
Hi Nektarie. What was your question about?
Record no. 38  
by  :   maike
from  :   Bad Harzburg Germany
at  :   Sun 21st October 2001 / 18:01:56 hrs (GMT)
Grüsse das Ganze Hellas Bike Team, vor allem meine Mum. Der Sommer war geil!!!
Record no. 37  
by  :   charlotte gibbs
from  :   portsmouth - england
at  :   Wed 5th September 2001 / 19:51:48 hrs (GMT)
a BIG hello to all at sky park who made us very welcome during our stay from the 21st august - 4th september. a HUGE hello to michel who we got on so well with (HI MICEAL! (i was the one who came and said goodbye and you didnt even know what day it was. if you dont remember dont worry!) we stayed 2doors down in platanes apartments and loved eating at sky park. hope to see you all in the future luv charlotte
Record no. 36  
by  :   Stefan, Evelyn, Harald, Eva
from  :   Stuttgart/Deutschland
at  :   Thu 28th June 2001 / 19:19:01 hrs (GMT)
Homepage  :   Fake
Hi Ihr Jungs und Mädels! Nochmal DANKE für die besinnlichen abende, bei einem Glas Tee, im Sky Park. Speziell natürlich an Vera, Katarina und Christos! Hey, Sohnemann Yorges soll mal seine E-Mails lesen und die darauf befindlichen speziellen Dinge weitergeben!!!!!! Falls ich mir wider Erwarten die Adresse falsch gemerkt habe, sorry. Bis hoffentlich bald SEHE
Record no. 35  
by  :   Peter and Pamela Platt
from  :   Newcastle under Lyme England.
at  :   Thu 28th June 2001 / 10:06:38 hrs (GMT)
Thanks for making our holiday in Crete a very happy one, you kept us fed and watered on many nights of our holiday. regards to Katrina,Michael and Antonio thankyou all so much.
Record no. 34  
by  :   Simone
at  :   Wed 14th February 2001 / 15:12:49 hrs (GMT)
Einen wunderschönen Valentinstag an alle!!! Liebe grüße Mone ;-)
Record no. 33  
by  :   Simone
from  :   Deutschland
at  :   Sun 7th January 2001 / 22:09:48 hrs (GMT)
I wish you all a very happy new year and one of the best you ever had ;-) I hope to see you in 2002, because this year I'm not able to visit you :-( But: I always think about my best holidays with you and never forget you, with love and compliments, yours Simone. And VERA thank you very much for your Christmas-postcard, I never felt so happy and I miss you very much. AND PLEASE, I don't know, if my greetings will come to you, if, please write me back, just that you got my message, see you soon Simone.
Record no. 32  
by  :   Linda Andersson
from  :   sweden
at  :   Sun 31st December 2000 / 21:00:05 hrs (GMT)
Hi "daughter" of mine, same 2 u and all the family. We miss u 2 as the nameday party without u was not complete! And u missed to see and hear ▶ Georgios Skoulas from ▶ Anoghia playing his Lyra on Christos' party ...
By the way: There is a certain button on ur keyboard which allows 2 switch off the caps ;-)
Kind regards
Record no. 31  
by  :   Martin Keller from Maroulas
at  :   Sun 10th December 2000 / 21:13:51 hrs (GMT)
Hello Cristo,hello Vera! Happy Chrismas and a happy new Year from Martin
Hallo Martin, altes Haus - da wird die Mannschaft sich freuen. Ich drucke es gleich aus und bringe es a.s.a.p. rüber. Wie ist denn die Lage so in Good Old Germany? Hier war heute mal wieder wolkenlos ...
cu, Ingo
Record no. 30  
by  :   Mirko
from  :   Deutschland
at  :   Wed 4th October 2000 / 13:42:54 hrs (GMT)
Jiassou Christos,
Ich habe in diesem Jahr nun schon den dritten Urlaub nacheinander in Platanes verbracht. Natürlich durften auch in diesem Jahr diverse Besuche im SkyPark nicht fehlen. Eine Bar mit einer so tollen Atmosphäre und so netter Bedienung habe ich hier im kalten Deutschland noch nie gesehen. Deshalb freue ich mich schon jetzt auf ein Wiedersehen im nächsten Jahr.
Bis dahin alles Gute und mach weiter so.
Grüße an alle, Mirko
Record no. 29  
by  :   Simone
from  :   Deutschland
at  :   Tue 3rd October 2000 / 21:02:17 hrs (GMT)
Hallo Chris, Savvas and specially Vera!!!
This Year I had no chance to visit you and I miss the Sky Park very much.
I hope we will see us one time, and I want you to know that I miss you and I always think about the nice time I had with you.
Vera, I hope you remember me, whenever you wear the Amulett with the three dolphins and I'll never forgett you, Savvas and Chris for my lifetime.
GREETINGS from Germany, and a big kiss to you all!!!! Simone :-)
Record no. 28  
by  :   Vera Bergmeyer
from  :   Deutschland - Dortmund
at  :   Tue 5th September 2000 / 14:25:18 hrs (GMT)
Hallo liebe Besucher des skypark,
ich habe Eure tolle Web-Site gelesen und habe den Wunsch, mit dem, der Lust hat, Kontakt aufzunehmen.
Ich komme aus Dortmund, mache zur Zeit eine Fortbildung als Trainerin und Organisationsberaterin und - ich liebe Kreta.
Vielleicht kann jemand mir Tips aus Eurem Erfahrungsschatz geben, wie man als Deutsche mit guten Englischkenntnissen, aber noch keinen Griechischkenntnissen, auf Kreta arbeiten kann.
Ich habe Wirtschaftswissenschaften studiert, arbeite als Personalentwicklerin und kenne mich auf allen kaufmännischen Unternehmensebenen sehr gut aus.
Welche Arbeit ich auf Kreta mache, ist erstmal zweitranging. Z. B. würde ich auch gerne als Barkeeperin arbeiten, da ich gut mit unterschiedlichen Kunden umgehen kann und der Umgang mit Menschen mir Spaß macht.
Vielleicht kennt ihr jemanden, der dringend Verstärkung für sein Arbeitsteam braucht ?
Wie seit ihr, die ihr auf Kreta lebt und arbeitet, angefangen ?
Ich würde mich über Antworten und Kontakte aller Art sehr freuen.
Viele Grüße aus dem regnerischen Deutschland
Record no. 27  
by  :   Eva aus Hannover
from  :   Deutschland
at  :   Thu 13th July 2000 / 16:06:30 hrs (GMT)
I will be back in 11 days.Greatings to the skypark-team.See you soon...
Record no. 26  
by  :   Eva, Harald, Evelyn und Stefan
from  :   Stuttgart/Deutschland
at  :   Tue 9th May 2000 / 12:55:13 hrs (GMT)
seit einigen Tagen wieder zurück in Deutschland denken wir oft an unsere feuchtfröhlichen Nächte im SkyPark. Die darauffolgenden Morgende haben einige von uns nicht mehr in so guter Erinnerung! Grund dafür waren die vielen "shot´s" die wir Christos und Vera zu verdanken hatten. Musik und Stimmung war super! Wir kommen bestimmt wieder!
Record no. 25  
by  :   Lena Nygren
from  :   Malmö Sweden
at  :   Tue 14th December 1999 / 08:23:07 hrs (GMT)
A HIPP HIPP Happy 2000 see you in the springtime.
Mother in law
Record no. 24  
by  :   Eva & Katrin
from  :   Hildesheim, Germany
at  :   Thu 25th November 1999 / 18:26:26 hrs (GMT)
Hi Sky Park - Team!
Back again in Germany. We are sitting in this moment in an Internet-Cafe, listening to the music of Eros Ramazotti and thinking of the great time we had in your bar. We would like to say Thank You for everything you have done for us. We enjoyed the evenings very much and of course we missed it. Your bar is definitly something special, tried to keep it like this!!!!
Special greetings to Christos(thank you for the Ouzo and everything else), Vera(for her good mood in every time)and of course to Savvas(for his good drinks).
We tried to keep the contact to one special person (T.S.)and sure we will come back next year!!!
Have a nice wintertime and hope to see you again!
Greatings from cold Germany.
Eva & Katrin
Record no. 23  
by  :   Ivana,Peter & Vanja
from  :   Alphen a/d Rijn Holland
at  :   Thu 4th November 1999 / 20:29:00 hrs (GMT)
greeting from Holland.
Ivana Peter Vanja
Record no. 22  
by  :   John
from  :   Heemskerk The Netherlands
at  :   Mon 18th October 1999 / 18:30:04 hrs (GMT)
Kalimera everyone,
For three weeks ago Ron and I had a very good time on Crete. A specialy the evenings in Sky Park, the hospitality, the food and the drinks were great, the Red Bull Wodka indeed gave us wings. The first days at home we were still flying around. Thank you all!
We hope to come back some day and than have also a good time.
Greetings from Ron & John. CU around
Record no. 21  
by  :   Sabine Mertsch
from  :   Bielefeld, Deutschland
at  :   Wed 13th October 1999 / 05:53:58 hrs (GMT)
now its almost two weeks ago that my girlfriend Ulli and I came back to Germany and back to real life. Thanks for having a good time in your bar. We really enjoyed it. There I met Ron (Guestbook No. 20). Maybe the two of us will come back next year?
Love from Sabine
Record no. 20  
by  :   Ron Berkholst
from  :   Netherlands
at  :   Wed 13th October 1999 / 04:49:36 hrs (GMT)
Hi guys
Thanks for the nice time, it was great.
Maybe we can see each other next year.
Greetings Ron and John
ps; Savvas we need new gras in the Arena
Record no. 19  
by  :   Falko Spork
from  :   Germany
at  :   Sun 22nd August 1999 / 16:46:13 hrs (GMT)
Hi Leute,
war zwar nur zweimal im SKYPARK, fand es aber trotzdem erste Sahne! Viele Grüße auch an das Hellasbike-Team - besonders an Ingo und Roger. Hoffe Euch mal wieder besuchen zu können. (Das wird jetzt Eintrag Nummer 19, oder?)
Record no. 18  
by  :   Katy Harrison
from  :   Bristol - England
at  :   Thu 19th August 1999 / 16:44:12 hrs (GMT)
Homepage  :   Orange Home Page
I had a two week holiday this year in Crete and stayed two doors up from Sky Park in Plantes Appartments.
My friend and I had a wonderful time and had a great laugh with all the staff in the bar of Sky Park as well as the waiters, Tony Skounakis in particular who has kept in touch and says hi to the guy's at Sky Park for me.
Just sya Hi to everyone there for me and thank them for a great holiday..
By the way very nice web site, having been in web design before my current job.... Congratulations on the site....!!!!!!!
Kind regards
Katy Harrison
@ Orange PLC
Record no. 17  
by  :   Cornel u. Andrea Plum
from  :   Neu Moresnet Belgien
at  :   Mon 16th August 1999 / 15:26:55 hrs (GMT)
Die besten Grüße von uns .
Es war echt spitze bei euch .
Man sieht sich !!!!!
Record no. 16  
by  :   Giorgos Gioumpakis
from  :   Rethymno-Crete-Greece
at  :   Sun 15th August 1999 / 18:02:15 hrs (GMT)
Homepage  :   Atlantis Diving Center
Hallo to everybody and many greetings from underwater
Record no. 15  
by  :   Harp Chana
from  :   Bracknell, berkshire, england
at  :   Mon 9th August 1999 / 15:16:07 hrs (GMT)
Sky park....absolutely brilliant, especially when I locked my friends and I out of the room at the castello bianco hotel and we had nowhere else to go so Vera, Savvas and Christos insisted that we stay for more drinks on the house. I am pretty glad the key was left!! We went to bars in rethymnon and bars in platanes but found that we always came back for more bar dancing in the sky bar. We have been home a week and already missing the gang....and we all have complete hangovers!!! Anyway, great place, great people and VERA, keep that dog under control.
Record no. 14  
by  :   Thomas&Simone
from  :   Germany
at  :   Sun 1st August 1999 / 15:47:53 hrs (GMT)
Hi Ingo !!! Erinnerst du dich noch? Von wegen mal was "and der Musik ändern" ? GENAU !!! Nachdem wir wir nun das 2 te Jahr "Urlaub" im SkyPark gemacht haben, wird das nächste mal bestimmt nicht lange auf sich warten lassen. hab ne schöne Zeit da unten, und laß mal von dir hören(lesen). Bestell Chriss, Vera und Savvas bitte ganz liebe Grüße von uns. Bis dann Thomas und Simone
Record no. 13  
by  :   Miriam & Patricia
from  :   Germany
at  :   Tue 20th July 1999 / 07:40:47 hrs (GMT)
Liebes SkyPark-Team, viele grüsse aus köln senden euch tricia, miri und sabine. auch für uns war der skypark, während der zeit auf kreta unser zweites zuhause. wir haben super lustige abende bei euch verbracht..........deshalb wollen wir auch versuchen, ende august wieder nach platanias zu kommen. vielleicht kennt ja irgendein "gästebuch-leser" eine günstige unterkunft (so für neun nächte) für uns??? so, alles gute für euch, hoffentlich bis bald, die drei mädels von köln
Record no. 12  
by  :   die tui maedels von 1996
from  :   germany
at  :   Thu 8th July 1999 / 16:09:42 hrs (GMT)
Viele gruesse an Christos und Katharina von den TUI Maedels von 1996!!!!! Wir hatten eine Super Zeit im SKY Park. War unser zweites zu Hause! Ein Bild von uns müßte im SkyPark haengen. Grüße Nina
Record no. 11  
by  :   Marion
from  :   Germany
at  :   Tue 15th June 1999 / 19:37:10 hrs (GMT)
....well, now that I've already had a few glasses of prosecco and feel a little drunk (not too much, of course), I think it' s the right time to write a few words regarding the SkyPark - especially as I can suddenly exactly remember the taste of the last cocktail I had at your bar, christos, ....mmmmhhhmm! However, I'm afraid I have to issue a warning to all people who intend to visit this restaurant (the ones who've already been there are lost anyway): BEWARE! The house wine tastes that well - you will definetely drink too much, dinner will be sooo delicious - you will definitely eat too much, the music will be sooo good - you will feel like dancing all the time. And, after all, you will really feel that pleasant in this comfortable atmosphere with all these nice people around you, that you will never ever leave.... well, Christos, I hope you don't mind not getting rid of us when we come to the SkyPark next time. Enjoyed it too much! Marion
Record no. 10  
by  :   Manuel Sigrist
from  :   Switzerland
at  :   Thu 1st April 1999 / 17:50:56 hrs (GMT)
Hello Christos and Katarina, What a nice surprise to see your hompage on the internet, even more when I saw myself on one of the pictures. I am always thinking about the wonderful evenings and the great "Pitta Gyros" I had at the Sky Park. Please say special greetings to Tasoula, Dio, Vera and Saavas. I hope I can visit you the next summer again. I meantime I will dream about Summer, Crete and ......biking of course. Many greetings from Manolis, the bike guide.
Record no. 9  
by  :   Elsbeth Roof
from  :   Netherlands
at  :   Sat 13th March 1999 / 12:58:48 hrs (GMT)
I have visited Platenes already many times. I just want to say hallo to all my friends in Platanes and Rethymnon. We will be back in may this year.
Record no. 8  
by  :   Woller Werner+Eva
from  :   Winkelhaid/Nürnberg
at  :   Sat 20th February 1999 / 21:19:40 hrs (GMT)
Hallo, wir kommen im Mai zu Euch! Wir freuen uns schon.
Record no. 7  
by  :   Holger Nordhoff
from  :   Germany
at  :   Tue 12th January 1999 / 10:46:10 hrs (GMT)
Hi, everybody, I think we're gonna see us this year, again. I wish you all the best and don't forget your friend Holger from Germany !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Record no. 6  
by  :   Katerina Smidova
from  :   Czech Republic
at  :   Tue 12th January 1999 / 10:26:54 hrs (GMT)
Hi all there!!!! I was very pleased to see this page!!! It's absolutly great that this place is finaly on the net. In summer during my stay on Crete I spent many nights in the SkyPark, many times had souvlaki or Greek salad in the Grilleion... I can say that SkyPark for me was the best place to meet the friends and enjoy myself. Thank you all!!!! Yours Katerina
Record no. 5  
by  :   Robert Groezinger
from  :   SRG (Socialist Republic of Germany)
at  :   Thu 31st December 1998 / 19:42:03 hrs (GMT)
Ingos e-mail of December 27th was a great New Years Eve surprise. I hadn't heard from him for almost two years !!! Hope to see him and his friends on crete soon.
Record no. 4  
by  :   Matthias Konopka
from  :   Buxtehude/Pigi
at  :   Wed 30th December 1998 / 08:11:53 hrs (GMT)
Homepage  :   Creta online
Ob Summer oder Winter Time,ins Sky Park gehn wir immer rein
Record no. 3  
by  :   Christos Tassakos
from  :   Germany
at  :   Tue 29th December 1998 / 11:52:45 hrs (GMT)
"Ja chara" SKY PARK apo tin Germania! Greetings from germany
Christos Tassakos
Olympia Reisen Germany
Elsa-Brandstroem-Str. 7
D-33602 Bielefeld
Fon +49 521 139260
Fax +49 521 139262
Record no. 2  
by  :   Andrea
at  :   Mon 28th December 1998 / 11:25:12 hrs (GMT)
Einen Wein bitte, mit Wasser, aber ohne Kohlensäure und nicht aus dem Kühlschrank. Und einen Thunfischsalat, aber die Sauce extra und mit doppelt Oliven und mit Brot. Das Brot bitte leicht getoastet. Dazu einen Klecks Butter. Und danach einen doppelten griechischen Kaffee, mit viiieeeeeeeeeelllll Zucker! Und das ganze bitte bis ein Uhr, weil ich dann wieder hier in Kassel sein muß. Ciao Andrea :^)
Record no. 1  
by  :   antje terhardt-mastorakis
from  :   Germany/Platanias
at  :   Fri 25th December 1998 / 22:16:08 hrs (GMT)
Homepage  :   Villa Dorothea
Christos, congratulations to your name day and your personal web site! Could you imagine the SkyPark becoming international? With our best wishes for a successful New Year - Antje and Jorgos

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